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Patient Testimonials

A Miracle! I had experienced debilitating low back pain for many years until I was treated by the friendly, knowledgeable staff. They provided a comfortable and respectful environment with a truly caring approach. The exercises and hands on treatment made an immense difference with my chronic pain. Today, I am able to take long walks and play with my grandchildren knowing that the pain is under control. Thanks again!

- Jean H.

I have been to many therapy clinics and none compared to here. The patient care is phenomenal. It is a great, fun family atmosphere with very professional treatment. I enjoyed being a patient here and would highly recommend the clinic.

- Greg T.

When my doctor sent me to get treatment, I was not really looking forward to physical therapy. But from the first day in the clinic, I felt welcomed and received top notch care. The therapists were awesome and the staff was fun to work with. Overall, it was a great experience and I wouldnâ´ hesitate to return.

- Patricia R.

After having knee surgery to repair my ACL, I was uncertain of my future and returning to playing basketball. The staff assured me from day one that I would be back on the hard-court in no time. After hours of countless strengthening exercises, I returned to basketball feeling stronger and quicker than ever before. I am grateful to the therapists and their great team.

- Steve D.

I recently injured my back bending over to pick up my baby. My pain kept me up at night leaving me unable to pick up around the house or tend to the kids. Since physical therapy, not only am I back to my normal health, but I am motivated to exercise and stay healthy.

- Carli M.

I have been to numerous therapy clinics for multiple injuries and am so happy to have received treatment here. My rehabilitation program exceeded any other previous therapy. It is such an energetic and caring atmosphere which undoubtedly contributed to my successful return to an active lifestyle. Thanks guys!

- Keith H.

Your professionalism is exemplary. Your patience is inspirational. Your kindness will always be remembered. Thanks for all your help. You are the dream team!

- Josefina A.

I am so grateful that my husband is so fortunate to be in your skillful hands and direction. Your gentle and experienced approach clearly makes you stand out from the rest. Thank you for all your wonderful tender care. You are all the best.

- Nancy M.

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